Is it Safe to Travel to Thailand?


Within the past six months, Thailand has now reached the headlines across the planet. Back in November 2008the”Yellow Shirts” held the International Airport at Bangkok under siege, and throughout the past couple of weeks, the nation has confronted yet another national emergency, once the”Red Shirts” decided to fight with their protests at Bangkok. Yet, in most regions of Thailand, all sounds calm and silent, and you will find not any signs of these governmental protests. No sign that is, but for the concern and worry of these locals, and the more silent pubs, resorts and restaurants.

The issues behind these protests are complex, yet to place it simply as possible:

Even the Yellow Shirts (also known as The People’s ราชภัฏ Alliance for Democracy or PADs), buy into the concept of democracy, but also believe people need to possess some comprehension of the very long term economic, social and political consequences of the vote. They genuinely believe that Thaksin used corruption to obtain the vote of the vast majority people of the rural regions of Northern Thailand, on the contribute into the 2001 elections which left him .

The redshirts, but watch Thaksin more as a Robin Hood character, that obtained from the rich and gave to poor people. They believe they would be financially better off in the brief term and the long term under the principle of Thaksin. Currently, Thaksin faces corruption charges, and an unelected party and prime minister would be ruling their country. Consequently, they feel helpless.

Who is right and who’s wrong isn’t for discussion here. We are currently more concerned with the impact these struggles might have about the market of Thailand and on the amount of tourists who want to see. After the first important protests began in November 2008, many holiday makers cancelled their adventure and having only recovered from the effects of the Tsunami, lots of companies within the tourism industry of Thailand faced another season of lowering tourist numbers. The fallout from this can be widespread. Entire families trust the income given by tourism to live.

As such a high proportion of the population from the tourist hotspots of Thailand survive to the income of tourism alone, the majority of the sailors in these places need just a calm resolution. They want foreigners to Proceed to respect Thailand Because the Land of Smiles.

Whilst no one wishes to invite one to head into the middle of a conflict, I am convinced I am speaking for the large majority once I request you to think about the actual impact of the struggles on your trip to Thailand. Neither the Reds nor the Yellows have an issue with tourists or expats, but if you’re concerned with the recent troubles in Bangkok, I’d really like to highlight you don’t have to fly into Bangkok should you wish to pay a visit to Thailand. You can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi, or fly direct into Phuket. From that point it is possible to go directly to a final holiday destination, even the place where a warm welcome and a calm atmosphere awaits – as tourists have become to expect from Thailand – The Land of Smiles.